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Hi-desertdog LLC / HDD TACTICAL is a FNH Authorized Law Enforcement/Military dealer, type 07 FFL & class 2 SOT NFA dealer, we not only sell firearms but manufacture firearms and Silencers with associated parts too. We do select fire full automatic and SBR conversions to the latest model weapons like the FN Scar, PS90, FS2000, AR15 etc, etc and can build these into "dealer samples" for class III dealers to use and sell from. Hi-desertdog LLC is a gunsmithing machine shop that has 30 years of experience doing serious gunsmithing and manufacturing of firearms and firearm parts. We build new barrels for various firearms (FN P90, SCAR, FS2000, 10/22, 21A, etc), we build SCAR & P90 enhancement products that are used by LE & Military professionals.  HDD specializes in quality manufacture and tuning of FNH products. Hi-desertdog is proud to be a authorized distributor for the great Green Mountain barrel line and we do their 10/22 line in standard or threaded versions. HDD uses Shilen match barrels for our SASR Sniper rifles. We list on under username HDDTACTICAL  Our facility at Staunton Ranch Nevada incorporates private 1600+ meter/ 1 mile  rifle/machine gun ranges and 200+ meter pistol ranges for testing our products (sometimes we have to wait for the Cattle, Mule Deer and Antelope to get out of the way). This way we can tweak things and know the products are top notch before they are available for sale. Better we iron out any bugs before you get them.  Hi-desertdog LLC does a lot of work for Gunshops, Firearm dealers, Distributors and MIL/LEO, but we adhere to a strict privacy policy so every job is kept private at our end and is not for us to discuss with third parties. We do export out of the United States through a licensed exporter.





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