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Scar 16, cut & thread barrel from 10" to 14", SBR


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Product Information

Send us your Scar 16 barrel so we can cut to the CQC/SBR length of 10", 10.5",   12"  or  14",  precision recrown and thread muzzle to 1/2x28. This service includes replacing the gas port insert for reliable cycling. Test firing of these with our modification shows brass ejects about 6 -10 feet and bolt holds open on the last shot every time.  Groups are easily under 1 1/4" at 100 yds and will easily hit a man size target every shot at 500 yds. Optional Quick Detach silencer mounts and Flash hiders can be professionaly installed as per manufacturer thread requirements, select in box. 


The 10" length is the factory FN CQC length but some silencer manufacturers do not recommend using a barrel under 10.4" long in the 556/223 caliber and it may void warranty, this is why we offer the 10.5" option. Check with your suppressor manufacturer as they know best about their products.

Warning, do not crank up the sawsall, hacksaw, bandsaw etc and cut a SCAR barrel.

These require custom made special tooling and technique to avoid barrel damage as the brittle hard chrome bore is prone to flaking issues, we have never had one flake but have repaired and replaced barrels done by others.  We have done more of these than anyone and can guarantee your barrel.  

Make sure you have your SBR aproved form 1  from BATFE in hand before installing on your rifle, all NFA laws apply.

Product Code: scar16SBRtcb

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

Barrel job.

I got my barrel cut down to 10" to SBR my Scar. It looks factory, great job and it shoots as good as standard, very impressed AAA+++.

Norm :: May 29 2015, 21:39 PM

My favorite gun

Got my Scar barrel cut down to 10.5" SBR, this is well worth it to get the perfect carbine. I chose the 10.5" length so warranty on my Gemtech can is not voided. Shoots as good as it did before shortening, great modification.

Greg T. :: Jul 13 2013, 01:27 AM

Perfect job

Neat and tidy, very accurate, functions great, AAAAA+++++.

SoftNoise :: Apr 08 2013, 08:53 AM

Great quality

Getting a chrome bore barrel cut is always a concern but these guys do it right, barrel is perfect, shoots spot on and no chrome problems, high recommendation, thanks a lot.

Esline :: Jan 01 2013, 05:02 AM

Good Job

Excellent finish and threading, reliable function and surprisingly accurate for a short barrel. I got the 10 1/2" length so I can keep my Gem-tech and YHM suppressor warranties intact. Thanks HDD for the great service.

John T :: Dec 15 2012, 18:19 PM

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